2015 Liberty Coach Elegant Lady #779

Prevost H3-45

2015 Liberty Coach Elegant Lady #779

Ravello Triple Slide Edition
Stock #779

Driver's Air, 24 Volt

4 Roof A/C Systems

The Ravello Edition

Built on a top-of-the-line Prevost H3-45 bus platform, the triple-slide Ravello combines the best features of two of Liberty’s most popular recent designs: the rear bedroom and shower of the Torello plan, and the hallway and extraordinary storage capacity of the Keswick layout. Of course, it comes loaded with the highest of high-end systems and components, including premium kitchen appliances from Gaggenau, Miele, Bosch and GE; a fully integrated HDMI audio/video system powered by a Marantz Pro-Logic amplifier and featuring KEF speakers, two Winegard in-motion HD satellite TV dishes, two HD DVR receivers, and 32”, 46” and 60” HD flat-screen TVs; and the very latest in Crestron remote control capabilities. Add to that the spectacularly original exterior artwork from legendary automotive painter Dean Loucks, and the stunning interior design by our own Kim Konigseder, with its oak floors, walnut cabinetry, fine leathers and so much more, and you’ll see why we believe the No. 779 Ravello is as close to perfect as a motorcoach can be. 


Coach Highlights

  • Volvo D13 Engine, Allison 6 Speed Transmission
  • Moritz Octoplex electrical architecture
  • Crestron C3 processor with Liberty Coach enhanced Crosspoint
  • iPad Mini or iPad interface control
  • Full HDMI Audio/Video utilizing HDBase-T 2-way communication
  • 60" Outside E-Center TV
  • Exclusive KEF Speaker packages for all audio 110 volt audio
  • Cutting Edge Lithium Ion Battery Technology
  • Complete interior and exterior LED lighting package
  • 4 Roof mounted A/C systems w/engineered ducting system
  • Heated Flooring with 4 Zones