Our Coaches

Fit, Finish and Attention to Detail

We are a forward thinking company with an eye to the future always in search of the latest and greatest new equipment and designs. Much of our attention is devoted to the engineering of our coaches to maximize the full potential of every component. We pay close attention to the weight distribution of our systems and components when designing our coaches to assure you the best ride and performance from the Prevost chassis while making the most efficient use of space allowing you plenty of storage room.

Prevost X3

The Prevost XL shell, originally introduced in 1978, is the most recognized bus conversion due to the distinct look of the exterior with the shiny stainless steel sides. This model is available with or without multiple slide-outs.


Prevost H3-45

The Prevost H3-45 shell is constructed with stainless steel substructure covered with Kevlar reinforced fiberglass composite panels. The shell is painted from top to bottom and is available with up to 4 slide-outs.