Brothers Frank and Kurt Konigseder hadn’t even started elementary school when their parents put the finishing touches on the first Liberty Coach back in 1968. Today, they are the company’s managing partners and standard bearers of a family legacy that represents the “gold standard” in Prevost conversions – past, present and future.

Frank and Jeanne Konigseder
Founding Partners

While it’s been years since they ceded day-to-day operations to their boys, retirement is not in the cards for the couple who built Liberty Coach from backyard dream to the biggest and best company in the business. Frank Sr. remains active in running his first family business, the F.K. Pattern and Foundry in North Chicago, while Jeanne continues to work for Liberty, directing rally registration and planning. They split time between homes in Libertyville and Stuart, and still spend a good portion of the year on the road enjoying the coaching lifestyle they helped create. Wouldn’t you?

Frank Konigseder, Jr.
Managing Partner

Don’t let the “Jr.” mislead you. The fact is, no one has had a greater impact on the evolution of the motorcoach field than Frank. On the technical side, he earned his mechanical engineering degree from Montana State University in 1984 and has been directly responsible for many of the most important developments in coach design ever since. And on the marketing end, Frank has headed up company sales since the mid-1990s and opened Liberty Coach of Florida in 2001. Today he shares responsibility for day-to-day operations with brother Kurt, and remains as passionate about the family business as ever.

Kurt Konigseder
Managing Partner

While his brother Frank functions as the public face of Liberty Coach, Kurt is the critical “man behind the scenes” responsible for all aspects of coach manufacturing and production. It is a role for which he is uniquely qualified; with a business degree from Montana State University, Kurt has overseen the production of well over 500 coaches from start to finish. Along the way, he has developed an unsurpassed working knowledge of the space behind the walls of the coach – an asset that has proven indispensable to Liberty Coach’s continued technical leadership in motorcoach design.

Kim Konigseder
Interior Designer

With over 23 years and 550 coaches behind her, Kim is the most prolific interior designer of Prevost conversion coaches ever. That said, she still treats every new coach as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create something totally original. And her continuing success in doing so she attributes to what she describes as “the best clients in the world.” “I’ve had a hand in bringing a lot of cutting edge design trends to the marketplace,” she says, “but it is the chance to make each client’s dream come true that makes it all worthwhile.”