A Word About The Liberty PDI

Every once in awhile we see one of our coaches listed for sale with a third-party broker or RV dealer, and the topic of PDI – pre-delivery inspection – comes up. It’s no secret that the Liberty Coach PDI is a huge point of pride for our company, and for good reason.

It’s a 3-day process that covers 15 major systems and components and includes over 160 specific checks and procedures. The total cost can average $35,000 in identified issues, not including new tires and possible suspension parts or other major component repair or replacements. Perhaps most important, it covers a great deal of proprietary technology – lithium ion batteries, custom Crestron programming, cutting edge electrical architecture and much, much more – that no dealership or third-party facility is capable of servicing without the support of a trained Liberty Coach technician.

The bottom line: the Liberty PDI is the most thorough and demanding in the industry, and absolutely essential to the world-class performance you expect in a Liberty Coach. Why on Earth would you settle for less?

If you would like more information regarding our pre-delivery inspection process, please contact Frank Konigseder or a member of our sales team.

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