Above and Beyond

When Brett and Lorri Sheets purchased their 1995 Liberty Lady XL in 2017, they quickly discovered the shortcomings of buying from a dealer – and the huge advantages of Liberty service.

“We purchased our Liberty from a dealer I won’t name – let’s just be nice and say I wasn’t impressed with them. The Liberty service team was another story.

“I inspected the coach myself and came up with a huge list of repairs that needed to be done, which I’ve been working on since we bought it. Most of the mechanical work I handled myself, but when I found myself struggling with the coach components, I called Liberty. After you explained what your team could do in Florida, I came down for the rally in January and was thoroughly impressed with the service your team provided. I also learned that Brady can get just about anything I want to install on the coach – and what’s even more impressive, that you have it in stock.

“So we scheduled another trip and again, you did not disappoint. Over our 2-week stay, your team stepped up and completed a long list of items while you provided us with the hospitality of your campground. Most impressive was seeing the top Liberty chief personally working on my coach out in the Florida heat. I know you have better things to do, but for me, that’s the perfect way to sum up the commitment of Liberty Coach to your customers. You can bet we’ll be back – for service in the fall, and next year’s rally, and beyond.”

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