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“We really want to explore all over the U.S., and that means we’ll be spending a lot of time on the road, obviously. So we needed a coach that could handle it.”

When Steve and Charlene bought their first RV in 2015, the idea of purchasing anything but a new vehicle never crossed their minds. They wanted to explore the country, and the model they chose, a high-end Class A they saw at the first major RV show they attended, seemed more than up to the task.

It was only after a few minor mechanical issues turned into not-so-minor problems obtaining parts and service that the couple started thinking about moving up to a Prevost. They’d seen a few on the road, heard some great things about the difference in quality, and after doing a great deal of homework they decided to take a serious look at what the pre-owned marketplace had to offer. At the Tampa SuperShow in January, they got the chance to talk to a number of Prevost convertors, and by the following month at the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, they were absolutely sold on Liberty. We spoke with Steve in May as he and Charlene were getting ready to depart for Liberty’s Memorial Day Rally in Charlotte, their first as Liberty Coach owners.

On Liberty quality and craftsmanship: “We were just astounded when we first looked at a Liberty. You look in the cargo bays, and at the chassis and the frame and how it’s built, you realize it’s just a totally different animal from all of the fiberglass coaches. And we looked at all of them. Nothing came close.”

On the Liberty ride: “You don’t understand the difference until you drive one. The ride in the bus is just so much different from the ride in any Class A. It’s much quieter, and feels more substantial.”

On interior design: “We like the curves and contour of the interior elements – the kitchen cabinets and countertops, the dinette, the interior walls and so on. You get the impression very quickly that there was more time, energy, effort and detail put into the design process (than other coaches).”

On the buying experience: “I knew going in that there would be a lot to learn (in owning and operating the coach), and I was impressed with how thoroughly Liberty anticipated and accommodated our needs in that regard. We spent a week in Stuart when we took delivery, and spent several hours with the team learning about every aspect of the coach. When it came time to leave, they encouraged us to use the coach for awhile and compile a list of questions, then come back for a second visit. Which we did.”

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