August 15
Liberty Coach: A Family Affair

The Liberty Coach story is just that. The story of one family’s love affair with motorcoaching and how it drove them to build a better coach, a great company, an entire industry.

It started in 1970, in Frank and Jeanne Konigseder’s backyard in Green Oaks, Illinois. By then, they had seen enough motorhomes to know that the one they really wanted – the perfect one – had yet to be built.

So they went to work in the backyard doing just that, transforming a used Greyhound with nearly 2 million miles into their dream coach. When they finished, they built another. And then another, and another.

By 1978, when they inked a deal with another family business known as Prevost, Liberty Coach was already the runaway leader in the steadily growing niche of luxury motorcoach convertors.

They still are today. A great family business doing what they love to do, and doing it better than anyone else. That is the legacy of Liberty Coach.

For more insight into the history of Liberty Coach, check out this impromptu 2018 interview with Frank Konigseder, Jr., courtesy of the “Gadget Guru.”

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