May 17
The FMCA and Liberty Coach: A 50-Year Family Friendship

No chronicle of Liberty’s Coach’s history would be complete without a shoutout to the FMCA – short for the Family Motor Coaching Association. Since 1963, it has been one of the largest and most influential organizations of RV owners across the country and around the world, and absolutely vital to Liberty’s growth and success.

Readers of our Living History blog will know that in our pre-Prevost years and well into the 1980s, the lion’s share of coach sales were made at FMCA shows around the country. And we remain enthusiastic supporters of the organization today, periodically attending FMCA events as well as rallies organized by Bus ‘n Bikers and Prevost Prouds, both active FMCA chapters.

Over the years, Liberty Coach has enjoyed extensive coverage in Family Motor Coaching, the official publication of the FMCA. Our personal favorite piece was an in-depth feature article from the magazine’s June 1987 issue. We’re proud to reproduce it here – from clippings respectfully borrowed from Jeanne Konigseder’s personal archives. Enjoy!


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