A Milestone in the Making

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times (well, 900 anyway.) Every Liberty Coach is a custom coach – custom designed inside and out, custom equipped with cutting edge systems and components, custom furnished and tailored to the personal tastes of its owners. It’s the pinnacle of personal luxury, made to order.

And yet Elegant Lady #900 is somehow more than that. Maybe it was the extraordinary amount of time Kim Konigseder spent working with the buyers, on the phone and in person, exchanging ideas, designing and refining, building bonds of trust and friendship while collaborating on the making of a masterpiece. Which this coach’s interior design most definitely is – a totally original medley of natural hues and textures dubbed “Mountain Chic,” and an accomplishment worthy of its milestone status as the 900th coach in Liberty history.

Come explore Elegant Lady #900 inside and out with Frank and Andrew Steele in our latest Coach Video Tour. Our full photo gallery is posted below.

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