Liberty Coach Bolsters Florida Service Operation with 3 Key Appointments

As part of our ongoing effort to constantly improve the Prevost conversion industry’s best service capabilities, Liberty Coach of Florida is pleased to announce three key changes to service team leadership.

Vince Shaw has been named Service Manager of our Stuart dealership service department, which handles coach service for both Liberty Coach and Motorhome Exchange customers. The position entails oversight of all day-to-day operations at the facility, which is among the busiest in the industry. Vince was a logical choice for the post, having spent over 16 years in the department, the last six in management roles. He’s popular with customers and co-workers alike and is well-known for his upbeat demeanor and meticulous, professional approach.

Moving up to take on Vince’s old position as Assistant Service Manager is veteran technician Brady Therrien. A lifetime racing enthusiast and all-around automotive expert, Brady has a hand in virtually every aspect of the service department’s business, from handling repair orders and scheduling to managing the parts department and supervising the team’s 12 technicians.

Finally, our new Service Manager of Field Operations is Nathan Moye, another longtime (7 years and counting) service team member and expert on all aspects of Liberty service. As his new title implies, Nathan is in charge of virtually all out-of-the-shop service operations, which means driving the Liberty Mobile Service Truck wherever it’s needed, from Sturgis and Petoskey to Bus ‘n Bikers and Road Hogs rallies. When he’s not on the road, Nathan handles customer walkthroughs on coach deliveries and PDIs on pre-owned inventory.


The promotions complete the service department makeover that began with last year’s untimely passing of longtime Stuart Service Manager Troy Moody. “Troy’s loss was felt by all of us,” says Bill Doherty, longtime Service Manager at Liberty’s production headquarters in North Chicago. “His leadership in Florida had everything to do with our reputation for being the industry’s best in service.”

Liberty V.P. Frank Konigseder Jr. concurs. “Troy left some big shoes to fill, but at the same time, it’s a tribute to him that we were able to fill these positions from within. This is the team that Troy built.”

Indeed it is. Vince, Nathan and Brady are all longtime team members who worked with Troy for years and fully understand the “Liberty way” he espoused. “I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to be,” Nathan says. “Throughout my career, I always wanted to work for a company that really believes in taking care of the customer. That’s why I came to Liberty Coach, and why I stay. They are the absolute top shelf.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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