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February 24 -
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Big Rally, Expo Sales Fuel Strong Start to 2021

It’s still early, but 2021 is already shaping up to be another excellent year for Liberty Coach.

Following an exceptionally strong 4th quarter of 2020, the Liberty Coach sales team turned in near record numbers for January and February, thanks in large part to two major annual events.

First up was the 20th annual Liberty Coach Rally and Open House, which was held during the last week of January and saw us finalize the sales of three Elegant Lady coaches. That was followed by the Prevost Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, where we teamed up with Dave Wall and The Motorhome Exchange to write contracts on six more pre-owned Liberties.

Those numbers are impressive but hardly surprising, says Liberty Coach Vice President Frank Konigseder. “Like a lot of people predicted, interest in luxury RV travel surged last summer and we were ready for it,” he points out. “Our inventory was and is exceptionally deep, in both quality and variety. We’re able to accommodate Prevost buyers at wide range of price points with coaches that are quite simply the best on the market.”

That remains the case today, as the ongoing demand for new Liberty models ensures a steady stream of late model Elegant Ladies arriving in trade. With delivery of the first 2022 model year coaches just a few weeks away, watch for interest to spike again as the summer travel season kicks in.

In the meantime, if you’re in the market for the kind of luxury RV only Liberty Coach can deliver, check out our current inventory now. Or better, come in for an in-person tour and test drive. You’ll be glad you did.

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