Delight in Details: Elegant Lady #898 Video Tour

As often as we say it – that “every Elegant Lady is truly one of a kind” – it’s only when you take a long, close look at every aspect of the coach that you fully understand the meaning of the words. Case in point is this latest entry in Andrew Steele’s ongoing coach video tour series with Liberty V.P. Frank Konigseder.

For over 51 minutes, Frank takes us in, around, under and through Liberty’s latest masterpiece, focusing on the details that make it special – from the oversize closets and floorspace exclusive to the Ravello-B Super Suite plan, to a number of custom elements designed just for the coach’s buyer, including a cozy kitty hideaway for the family cat.

It’s our deepest dive yet into the fine points of Liberty Coach design and construction, and must see viewing for any true Prevost aficionado. Enjoy the ride!

CATEGORY : Coach Videos

Explore this special collection of Elegant Lady walkthroughs hosted by Frank Konigseder Jr., produced by popular RV vlogger Andrew Steele.


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