Lady in Black: Liberty Coach #896 Video Tour It’s not just the year that’s new in our first coach tour video of 2023. Andrew Steele’s latest feature showcases the debut edition of what Frank calls Liberty’s “Blackout Series,” so named for its shift away from polished chrome to FIND OUT MORE  »
Andrew and Frank Konigseder standing in front of Coach #904
Masterpiece Trio The last couple of months have been a bit hectic here at Liberty Coach, to say the least. Between the holidays, rallies and RV shows on the one hand and promoting our most impressive pre-owned coach inventory in years on FIND OUT MORE  »
The News Keeps Coming: Elegant Lady #903 Video Tour “You learn something new every day.” That’s Andrew Steele’s response to a point Frank makes about Liberty’s Tier 4-compliant generator installation (still the only one on the market). The moment comes near the end of the video, but truth be FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty Coach 2024: Behind the Redesign As the 2024 Elegant Ladies have begun rolling out, much attention is being paid (and deservedly so!) to the sleek new 9660 shell, Prevost’s redesigned H3-45 bus chassis. Less talked about, but every bit as noteworthy, is the major redesign FIND OUT MORE  »
Second to None: Elegant Lady #902 Video Tour It may be the second coach we’ve built on Prevost’s new 9660 shell, but this stunning new 2024 Veneto Quad Slide Edition (#902) sports more than its share of “firsts,” including some that showcase the enormous possibilities of Liberty’s customization FIND OUT MORE  »
Worth the Wait: Elegant Lady #901 Video Tour Nearly two years in the making and sporting more “firsts” than you can count, our inaugural 2024 Elegant Lady, a Serrado-B Triple Slide Edition (#901) built on Prevost’s all-new 9660 shell, has finally arrived. We’ll have much, much more to FIND OUT MORE  »
2023 Elegant Lady Coach #899
Fine Art in Motion: Elegant Lady #899 Video Tour This is the tenth entry we’ve posted from Andrew Steele’s terrific series of Liberty Coach video tours and, quite frankly, we’re out of superlatives to describe its subject, a recently finished, sold and delivered 2023 Serrado-B Triple Slide Edition. So FIND OUT MORE  »
Delight in Details: Elegant Lady #898 Video Tour As often as we say it – that “every Elegant Lady is truly one of a kind” – it’s only when you take a long, close look at every aspect of the coach that you fully understand the meaning of FIND OUT MORE  »
Elegant Lady motorcoach 897 parked on a beach
Show Coach 2023: Elegant Lady #897 Video Tour With demand for new Liberty Coaches at an all-time high – we’re now writing orders for delivery well into next year – it was an unexpected surprise when this awesome new Elegant Lady became available in time for the two FIND OUT MORE  »
What’s New for 2020? New Video Gets Up Close and Personal The calendar says it’s still 2019, but Liberty Coach is now well into the 2020 model year, with new coaches once again selling as fast as we can finish them. If there’s a downside to the incredible ongoing demand, it’s FIND OUT MORE  »
Custom to the Max: Super Calabria Video Tour While it’s true that every Liberty Coach is one of a kind, our latest delivery – Elegant Lady #895, a 2023 Super Calabria Edition – takes the concept of customization to an entirely new level. The coach is built on FIND OUT MORE  »
Elegance in Motion: Liberty Coach #894 Video Tour The latest in our ongoing coach tour video series finds Frank Konigseder and Andrew Steele exploring yet another brand new 2023 Serrado-B Triple Slide Edition (Elegant Lady #894). The video was shot just prior to the coach’s September delivery date FIND OUT MORE  »
50 Shades of White: 2023 Serrado-B Triple Slide The subtle, yet dramatic shadings of Dean Loucks’ extraordinary exterior is just the start of all that awaits you in the latest design masterpiece from Liberty Coach. Take a few minutes to join Frank Konigseder and Andrew Steele for a FIND OUT MORE  »
Viva Veneto! Rare 2019 Quad Slide For Sale These days, any pre-owned Elegant that hits the market is big news, but this 2019 Veneto Quad Slide Edition (#7191) demands special treatment. So we asked longtime friend of Liberty and popular Youtube vlogger Andrew Steele to take a walkthrough FIND OUT MORE  »
First Look: 2023 Calabria Quad Slide So what’s new for Liberty Coach in 2023? You’ll find plenty of answers throughout this extended video walkthrough of Elegant Lady #891, a spectacularly appointed (as usual) Calabria Quad Slide Edition that is the first entry from our new model FIND OUT MORE  »
Frank Konigseder by Motorcoach at Tampa Super Show
Super Show Video Tour: A Coach to Remember It seems fitting that the first new Elegant Lady to be completed in our 50th anniversary year would be one of the spacious, stylish, and luxurious coaches we’ve ever produced. By any measure, the 2022 Calabria Quad Slide Edition epitomizes FIND OUT MORE  »
Frank Konigseder Showing Motorcoach Features
A Super Video for a Super Coach As we continue to sell virtually every new Liberty Coach on a custom order basis, it’s become increasingly difficult to give you a detailed look inside our newest models. For the 2022 model year, it’s been limited to photo galleries FIND OUT MORE  »
Andrew Steele and Frank Konigseder Jr. Standing Inside Motorcoach
A Rare Look Inside a 2021 Elegant Lady For the past two years, it’s been virtually impossible to get a look inside a new Liberty Coach. Off-the-charts demand for custom orders has kept new Elegant Ladies largely out of our inventory throughout our 2020 and 2021 model years. FIND OUT MORE  »
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