Andrew and Frank Konigseder standing in front of Coach #904

Masterpiece Trio

The last couple of months have been a bit hectic here at Liberty Coach, to say the least. Between the holidays, rallies and RV shows on the one hand and promoting our most impressive pre-owned coach inventory in years on the other, we’ve all but ignored the succession of incredible new 2024 Elegant Ladies rolling out of North Chicago. Fortunately for you, Frank and our friend and RV blogger Andrew Steele have been on the job of documenting each of these masterpieces as soon as they arrive in Stuart. Their three latest video walkthroughs – for Elegant Ladies #904, #905 and #906 – are linked below. Enjoy the show!

Watch the #904 Video

Watch the #905 Video

Watch the #906 Video

CATEGORY : Coach Videos

Explore this special collection of Elegant Lady walkthroughs hosted by Frank Konigseder Jr., produced by popular RV vlogger Andrew Steele.


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