2021 Ravello Featuring Super Suite Bedroom

How “Suite” It Is!

Liberty Coach and Prevost team up on a new masterpiece of space and style

It’s often said a picture is worth a thousand words.

For this particular picture, every one of those words might well be “awesome.”

Anyway you look at it, Liberty Coach’s aptly named new “Super Suite” is like nothing the motorcoaching world has seen before. Framed by a stately dark wood pillar and soffit treatment and offering a seemingly impossible amount of bedside space, it looks and feels more like a 5-star hotel suite than the rear of a motorhome.

Of course, this isn’t just any motorhome. It’s a 2021 Ravello SS Triple Slide Edition (Stock No. 867), the very latest from Liberty and the first to be built on a specially modified version of Prevost’s new Super Slide chassis.

First introduced at the 2019 Tampa RV Super Show, Prevost’s Super Slide chassis added a stunning 40 inches of width to the rear driver’s side slideout to create an extraordinarily large rear bedroom space. But Liberty Coach managing partner and design engineer Kurt Konigseder wanted more.

“In the initial configuration, the slideout window was positioned toward the rear of the coach, which is not what we had in mind,” Kurt explained. “I wanted them to build it with the window in the center of the slideout, so the bed could be centered in the slide room.” Prevost agreed, and after working together for nearly a year, the first modified chassis was delivered to our production facility in North Chicago earlier this spring.

The results speak for themselves. The Super Suite’s bed-forward positioning leaves ample floorspace for the rear vanity and shower area, while the facing floor-to-ceiling closets on the passenger side mirror the slide room’s symmetry and add a significant amount of closet space over prior coaches. And that’s matched by a host of new systems and features throughout the rest of the coach, including Liberty’s exclusive Blindspot Detection System and 360-degree exterior camera system, as well as a breathtaking “Artisan Series” exterior design by renowned automotive artist Dean Loucks.

The bottom line: our first Super Suite coach is a super achievement in any every way. Of course, that’s just business as usual for the Liberty Coach design team, and you can expect more of the same from for the remainder of the 2021 model year and beyond. Our next Super Suite model, a bath-and-a-half 2021 Serrado SS Edition, is now in production and should be finished within a few weeks. In the meantime, savor these images of Liberty’s first “Super Suite” Elegant Lady – the sweetest show on wheels!

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