June 2
Liberty Coach all set for summer with deep inventory of new, pre-owned coaches

With seven new Prevost coaches and a deep inventory of pre-owned models, Liberty Coach is exceptionally well-prepared as the 2015 summer selling season begins.

Which is a good thing, according to Liberty V.P. and managing partner Frank Konigseder Jr. Slow but steady economic improvement, coupled with growing excitement about Liberty’s much-heralded Cockpit Redesign, have Konigseder optimistic about the months ahead.

The signs are already pointing in that direction. Late last week, Liberty announced that it had reached agreement to sell their newest coach – a 2016 Fairfax Double Slide Edition (stock #795) – less than 2 weeks after listing it for sale. The Fairfax was promptly replaced in the lineup by yet another brand new Elegant Lady – a spectacular 2016 Sorvino Quad Slide Edition, which features Liberty’s signature Bath and One Half floorplan.

And that’s just the first of over a dozen new and pre-owned Prevost coach conversions now listed for sale on the Liberty Coach website. The entire selection:





Liberty Coach Stock #796 – 2016 Sorvino Quad Slide Edition
Featuring Liberty’s signature Bath and One Half floorplan

Liberty Coach Stock #792 – 2016 Verona Double Slide Edition
The first production coach to feature the 2016 Cockpit Redesign

Liberty Coach Stock #785 – 2015 Fairfax Double Slide Edition
With custom Art of Design black and champagne exterior

Liberty Coach Stock #780 – 2015 Verona Double Slide Edition
Featuring the exclusive Bedroom Super Slide

Emerald Stock #5490 – 2016 Double Slide Edition
The very latest from Outlaw Conversions’ luxury coach division

Emerald Stock #5395 – 2016 Double Slide Edition
Built on the Prevost X3 chassis





Stock #801-A – 2014 Ravello Triple Slide Edition
A tremendous value with only 16,800 miles

Stock #7110 – 2012 Bedroom Super Slide Edition
One of our most innovative double-slide floorplans ever

Stock #786-A – 2009 Ashton Western Double Slide Edition
A work of art, inside and out

Stock #5220-A – 2008 Venezia Double Slide Edition
Built on the Prevost XLII platform

Stock #788-C – 2007 Platinum Double Slide Edition
Timeless design on a Prevost H3-45 chassis

Stock #7100 – 2007 Balmoral Double Slide Edition
One of our most memorable designs ever

Stock #5234 – 2007 Balmoral Double Slide Edition
A classic returns, with only 73,000 miles

For more detailed information, including multiple interior and exterior photos and complete mechanical, electrical and automotive specifications of each coach, visithttp://www.libertycoach.com/available-coaches.

With locations in Stuart, FL and North Chicago, IL, Liberty Coach has been providing legendary leadership in the luxury motor coach industry for over 40 years. For more information about Liberty’s custom Prevost motor coaches, please visit www.libertycoach.com or call 800-554-9877. 

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