May 5
Liberty Coach Takes a Giant Leap with 2016 Cockpit Redesign

Liberty Coach, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Prevost motorcoach conversions, unveiled their 2016 Cockpit Redesign last Friday in a special presentation on their website, http://www.libertycoach.com.

It was the culmination of a process that began two years ago and represents one of the most ambitious design projects in the company’s history, said Frank Konigseder, Jr., Liberty Coach V.P. and managing partner. The effort was spearheaded by Konigseder, his brother and fellow managing partner Kurt Konigseder, and Kurt’s wife Kim Konigsder, Liberty’s longtime interior design director. And the entire team is extremely enthusiastic about the results.

“We set out to reinvent the experience of piloting a Prevost,” Frank said, “by totally reimagining the cockpit and everything in it.”

That reimagination is most evident in the new “ergodynamic” dashboard configuration, so-called for the sleek, elegant lines of the console and the ergonomic design and placement of all the controls. Development of the design was driven by Kurt Konigseder, whose engineering and production expertise is unsurpassed in the field.

The key component is the dash-mounted iPad, which is secured by Liberty’s exclusive STRUT Launchport docking system and provides fingertip control of virtually everything in the coach.

“Centralizing control in the iPad allowed us to greatly simplify the console,” Frank pointed out. “We were able to eliminate two different in-dash monitors – one for the Rand McNally navigation system, the other for the AM/FM/Sirius radio system – and shift control of those applications to the iPad. The result is a simpler, sleeker dash layout as well as much more user-friendly control.”

The dash is beautifully complemented by Kim Konigseder’s signature interior design of the entire cockpit area. With premium grade appointments that include all leather upholstery with custom “baseball” stitching, as well as a new LED ambient lighting system with a choice of five different hues, the design is quintessential Liberty Coach – impeccably crafted and flawlessly finished, the epitome of elegance and luxury.

RV aficionados eager to get a look at the latest “Liberty leap” won’t have to wait long. In the days leading up to last Friday’s announcement, Konigseder took the first production coach equipped with the new cockpit for a quick cross country trip from the company’s North Chicago headquarters to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. And its “official” debut is tentatively scheduled for the Prevost Prouds’ Spring Rally in Nashville during the week of May 12-17.

Beyond that, check the Events page on the company’s website for updates about when and where Liberty Coach’s Class of 2016 will be appearing next.

With locations in Stuart, FL and North Chicago, IL, Liberty Coach has been providing legendary leadership in the luxury motor coach industry for over 40 years. For more information about Liberty’s custom Prevost motor coaches, please visit http://www.libertycoach.com or call 800-554-9877.

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