Liberty Technology: Miles Ahead Again and Again It’s been the same story since 1979, when Liberty Coach launched the luxury motorcoach industry with the first Prevost bus conversion. When it comes to RV technology, Liberty always leads the way. Consider this partial list of Liberty “firsts:” 1979 FIND OUT MORE  »
Prevost Motorcoach Bus Platform Frame
Liberty TechTalk: Performance, Power, Integrity … Prevost! What makes driving a Liberty Coach so much different from other RVs? As anyone who’s had the pleasure will tell you, the answer begins with the incomparable roadworthiness of the Prevost bus platform. But what makes it so roadworthy? Let’s FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty Coach Red and White Motorcoach
Liberty TechTalk: The Peerless Prevost Platform In previous TechTalk posts, we’ve generally covered systems, features and modifications – that are integrated into Liberty’s coach conversion process. Today, however, we’re going to focus on the coach itself: the peerless Prevost H3-45 touring bus platform. With nearly a FIND OUT MORE  »
Volta Power System Logo
Safety Update: Volta Sets New Standard for Safety and Quality in RV Power Systems In a major step forward for proponents of lithium ion power systems, industry leader and longtime Liberty Coach supply partner Volta Power Systems announced that it completed testing with Testing Engineers International (TEI) to meet UL 1973 standards and earned FIND OUT MORE  »
Close Up of Dashbaord and Driver Assist Alert Screen
Liberty TechTalk: Prevost Driver AssistTM & the Cutting Edge of Coach Safety As a Liberty Coach owner, it goes without saying that you expect the best of everything. Luxury and convenience of course – but also quality and safety. Because your “home on the road” also moves on the road – at FIND OUT MORE  »
Crestron Control System iPad Interface
Liberty TechTalk: Mastering the Power of Crestron Control In this installment of TechTalk, we’re discussing an often overlooked, but absolutely vital component of your coach – the Crestron automation and control system. It functions as the master control center for most of the coach’s electronic systems and components, FIND OUT MORE  »
Moritz Octoplex - Coach Management System iPad Interface
Liberty TechTalk: Moritz Octoplex, The Key to a Smarter Coach For this edition of Liberty TechTalk, we’d like to address a system that is a largely invisible, yet absolutely essential part of your coach. It’s called the Moritz Octoplex, and it functions as the Elegant Lady’s central nervous system – FIND OUT MORE  » Device on White Background
Liberty TechTalk: Meet Josh, our voice of the future Welcome to Liberty TechTalk, a new series of blog posts focusing on cutting edge high-tech solutions pioneered by Liberty Coach and available in late model Elegant Lady coaches. In this edition we examine, the voice-controlled home automation system we’re FIND OUT MORE  »
Elegant Lady Driving Down Road with Passenger Car on Drivers Side Demonstrating Blind Spot Detection
Blindspot Detection: Another Liberty First Liberty Coach’s leadership in RV technology is undisputed; from automatic leveling to lithium ion batteries, our string of cutting edge “firsts” has pointed the way forward for an entire industry. The latest came in February at the Prevost Motorhome Expo FIND OUT MORE  »
Emerald unveils first Prevost H3-45 coach conversions Emerald Luxury Coaches, the Texas-based luxury motorcoach convertor whose X3-45-based coaches have been marketed, sold and serviced by Liberty Coach since 2015, has added Prevost H3-45 conversions to the mix for the 2020 model year. It’s a move that transforms FIND OUT MORE  »
The age of Alexa arrives at Liberty Coach “Alexa, good morning!” As the words are spoken, a number of things start to happen. The overhead lights fade up. The living room shades slowly rise. The front TV clicks and the morning news appears onscreen. And another day begins. FIND OUT MORE  »
It’s All About The Ride “You don’t understand the difference until you drive one. The ride in the bus is just so much different from the ride in any Class A. It’s much quieter, and feels more substantial.” — Coach owner Yes, it’s luxurious, incomparably FIND OUT MORE  »
November “Coach of the Week” spotlight shines on 2016 Ravello Edition Riding an exceptionally strong wave of pre-owned Prevost coach sales in October, Liberty Coach opened the second month of its fall inventory marketing program by turning the “Coach of the Week” spotlight to its newest Elegant Lady model. Completed in FIND OUT MORE  »
Superior PDI, detailing make Liberty the clear quality leader in the pre-owned Prevost marketplace It should come as no surprise that Liberty Coach ranks as the best value in pre-owned Prevost motorcoaches. After all, we build the best Prevost coaches on the planet, year in and year out. But that’s only half the story. FIND OUT MORE  »
Shore Power 101 Of all the problems a coach owner can encounter, none is as dreaded as the dead coach scenario. Over the years we’ve fielded more emergency calls about power failures than any other problem. And in nearly every case, the failure FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty Coach making powerful points with new energy system Continuing their effort to spread the word about the first ever truly Tier 4-compliant energy system in the luxury motorcoach field, Liberty Coach recently launched a major social media campaign touting the system’s benefits on Facebook and Twitter. Dubbed “Liberty FIND OUT MORE  »
Battery Breakthrough: Q&A with Jack Johnson of Volta Power Systems Eight months after its introduction, Liberty Coach’s new energy system – the first ever to meet the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 emissions standards – continues to electrify the Prevost universe, thanks largely to the unparalleled performance of the breakthrough lithium FIND OUT MORE  »
Talking Tier 4: Q&A with Frank Konigseder Jr. Back in January, Liberty Coach rolled out its latest high-tech breakthrough: an all-new energy system that stands as the first ever to meet the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 emissions standards. Now, at roughly the halfway point of Liberty’s 2017 model FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty breaks EPA’s Tier 4 emissions barrier First ever truly Tier 4-compliant generator installation in a Prevost coach conversion FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty Coach, KEF Speakers showcasing “The Greatest Sound on Wheels” at Tampa RV Supershow While the crowd at the Tampa RV Super Show always flocks to Liberty Coach to catch up on the latest in RV technology, this year they’ll be getting an earful as well as an eyeful – thanks to a spectacular FIND OUT MORE  »
New STRUT Launchport iPad Charging System Another High-Tech Industry for Liberty Coach When it comes to cutting edge electronics in the luxury RV field, leave it to Liberty Coach to lead the way. The company, whose long list of “industry-firsts” include Crestron systems and iPhone and iPad remote control capabilities, announced the FIND OUT MORE  »
Liberty Coach breaks new ground in ergonomic engineering with “ergodynamic” 2016 Cockpit Redesign The May 5th debut of Liberty Coach’s 2016 Cockpit Redesign raised eyebrows throughout the RV industry, and for good reason. One look is all it takes to tell you that this is a truly extraordinary achievement, both in its use FIND OUT MORE  »
Updated interior design plays a big part in Liberty Coach’s 2016 Cockpit Redesign (North Chicago, IL and Stuart Florida) – While most of the attention generated by Liberty Coach’s 2016 Cockpit Redesign has focused on its many new high-tech innovations and engineering advancements, one of its most eye-opening aspects is something very familiar FIND OUT MORE  »
New cockpit design reaffirms Liberty’s legacy of technology leadership (North Chicago, IL and Stuart, FL) – Now that a month has passed since the much-anticipated introduction of Liberty Coach’s redesigned cockpit, one thing remains abundantly clear: When it comes to technological innovation in motorcoach design, Liberty Coach is miles FIND OUT MORE  »
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