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December 13 -
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Elegant Ladies Needed Now!

As you may have noticed, 2021 has been a year of unprecedented demand for Prevost conversions, especially Liberty Coach models of all styles and vintages. As a result, our inventory of used coaches available for sale in Stuart is at a historic low. The same holds true for our used coach subsidiary dealership, The Motorhome Exchange.

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Of course, that’s good news if you have an Elegant Lady coach to sell. Whether you’re looking to sell outright or consign, trade up or move out of the RV space altogether, we need your coach now – and we’re ready to make it worth your while.

Depending on your needs and preferences, as well as the age of your coach, we offer several options. Late model coaches – in general, those less than 10 years old – are listed here on Older Elegant Ladies, as well as pre-owned Prevosts from other convertors, will be listed on The Motorhome Exchange. If you’re ready to sell, we’ll make you a fair market offer to buy your coach outright. Alternatively, we can professionally prepare the coach for presentation and sell it for you on consignment, with all of the attention and market presence of our own inventory, including complete detailing and professional photography.

Either way, thanks to the help of our dedicated sales staff as well as our extensive presence at industry events, we can provide the unmatched level of support and exposure needed to sell your coach as fast as possible for the best possible price. So if you’re ready to make your move, contact Frank Konigseder Jr. at Liberty Coach or Dave Wall at The Motorhome Exchange today.

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