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Finally, An Insurance Policy That Makes Sense for Luxury Motorcoach Owners

If you’ve had problems finding adequate insurance for your coach, you’re not alone. The fact is, current insurance carriers’ standard RV policies only offer limits well below the value of any late model Prevost, which requires you to self-insure an unacceptable level of liability. Moreover, many carriers limit settlements to Actual Cash Value for physical damage and include liability limits that are lower than desirable. Which means that, for all practical purposes, proper insurance coverage for luxury motorcoaches has simply never existed.

Until now.

Now HUB Private Client has teamed up with AIG to offer an insurance policy created specifically for owners of high-end motorcoaches, with coverage that can be custom-tailored to your coach and your needs. Here’s how it stacks up against standard RV coverages offered by other carriers:

Higher physical damage limits, entry point commencing at $1m with no restriction on desired value serving the top of the customized motorcoach market.

Greater flexibility, to balance deductibles and premium costs to best suit your needs.

Guaranteed valuation, mutually agreed by you and AIG, so you know exactly how much you will receive if you suffer a total lost.

Liberty Coach is excited at the arrival of this new RV insurance option, and we believe our customers will be as well. To learn more, please contact HUB Private Client President John Guerndt via email or phone – info shared below.

Office: 715-841-9104
Cell: 715-574-7448
Email: john.guerndt@hubinternational.com

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