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Like used cars and homes, pre-owned Prevost coaches are in extremely short supply these days. As this post is being written, only two pre-owned Elegant Ladies are listed for sale on our website – a historic low – and competition for others is fierce.

That’s good news if you have an older coach to sell, as independent dealers and brokers join convertors in bidding for scarce inventory. But there’s more than price to consider when choosing who you sell to, especially if you care about the integrity of the brand and the safety and satisfaction of whoever ultimately buys your coach.

Of course, brand integrity and customer satisfaction are what Liberty Coach is all about. Which is why we are – and always will be – the best choice to sell your coach. A few reasons:

Professional Detailing – Every pre-owned coach we list is thoroughly inspected and detailed inside and out before showing.

Industry-Best PDI – Every coach we sell undergoes an exhaustive Liberty PDI prior to delivery – a 3-day process that covers 15 major systems and components and includes over 160 specific checks and procedures. No other PDI comes close.

Liberty Service – Nobody knows a Liberty Coach like our Liberty service team. Selling your coach through Liberty assures your buyer they will receive priority service and support from the best in the business.

Authorized OEM Parts – In the current supply chain crunch, only coaches sold through Liberty are guaranteed to have access to Liberty’s proprietary engineered parts and systems.

Ideal Location & Showing Conditions – Our pre-owned coaches are displayed onsite at Liberty Coach of Florida, with 50 AMP electrical power that’s never turned off, and are always available for showings or test drives by appointment.

Unrivaled Sales & Marketing Support – All pre-owned coaches are actively marketed by the Liberty sales team and receive unmatched exposure on or, for older and non-Liberty coaches, on

Little wonder that our pre-owned coaches sell significantly faster, and for comparatively higher prices, than comparable inventory offered by private dealers or third party brokers. So whether you’re looking to consign or sell outright, trade up or get out of the RV space altogether, if you’re ready to sell, call Liberty Coach. And let the best in the business go to work for you!

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