Who needs Class A? Pre-owned Liberty Coaches offer clear edge in luxury, value

Quick. What new Class A motorhome gives you the most for your money?

Frank Konigseder’s answer may surprise you. Because the motorhome he has in mind is not a Class A. Nor is it new.

“People are usually surprised at what a late model pre-owned Liberty Coach actually costs compared to a new Class A,” the company’s co-owner and managing partner says. He points to his current inventory of Elegant Lady coaches, a number of which are listed at $1 million or below. “If you compare our list prices with today’s high-end Class A models, you’ll see that we’re quite competitive.”

And when you consider what that money buys, he says, you’ll see that there really is no comparison.

“Mechanically, the integrity of a used Prevost chassis is far superior to any new motorhome on the market. The ride is legendary, the roadworthiness without equal. No Class A can touch it.”

The same holds true for the interior, he says. “Our mechanical and electrical systems have always been state of the art. We use only the highest quality components and materials, and the integrity of our installations is peerless. And operationally, our coaches are as user-friendly as you’ll find.”

Then there’s customer support, an area where Konigseder says both Prevost and Liberty Coach rank far above any Class A manufacturer. “When we say our pre-owned coaches are delivered in ‘like-new’ condition, we’re not exaggerating,” he says. “Each one undergoes hours of meticulous detailing, inside and out. Then it must pass our 250-point Pre-Delivery Inspection, the most exhaustive in the industry.” And after delivery, he finishes, every pre-owned coach owner is afforded the same privileges and priorities as a new coach owner. “You’re part of the Liberty family.”

As if that weren’t enough, Konigseder offers one more compelling reason to buy a pre-owned Liberty Coach over any Class A: depreciation.

“A new Class A motorhome will typically depreciate at a rate at least double that of a used Liberty Coach,” he says. “That’s based on close to 50 years of experience in the market. Bottom line is, no RV holds its value like a Liberty.”

His message is clear. Why settle for a Class A motorhome when you can make an AAA-quality investment for about the same money? New or pre-owned, there’s nothing like a Liberty Coach.

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