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Scenes from Dubai, March 2022

Our trip to last week’s Dubai International Boat Show was one of the most heavily anticipated events in Liberty Coach history, and not just because it was postponed a full year by the pandemic. The show was our first ever marketing venture to take us outside of North America, and introduce the world to the most stylish, luxurious land transport on the planet. Was it a success? Here’s what Frank Konigseder Jr. had to say last Monday:

“We closed the Dubai International Boat Show Sunday night, after 5 very full days, I would have to say it was an enormously successful endeavor. We met with dignitaries from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as potential customers from the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, India and the U.S. just to name a few. All were very interested in Prevost conversions in general and our product in particular, as well as the motorcoaching lifestyle. The region is opening up extremely fast and it was exciting to hear the enthusiasm. We also made new friends with Gulf Craft, Inc. – their hospitality was incredible! Finally, we would also like to thank both Prevost Car and Enterprise Florida for their generous and enthusiastic support, without which our trip would not have been possible. It was a long time coming, but worth every minute.”

We’ve compiled a gallery of photos from the trip, which took place March 8-13 at Dubai Harbour. Come explore!


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