2022 Elegant Lady #878 Exterior Motorcoach

The 2022s Are Here and Moving Fast!

The calendar says April 2021, but here at Liberty Coach, our 2022 model year is well underway. Over half of the coaches we’re scheduled to build are already under contract, and the first deliveries are just days away.

Of course, you’d never know it from scanning our website’s inventory page, whose listings include only sold 2021s and late model pre-owned coaches. With demand for new coaches continuing to outpace production, the company anticipates that nearly all 2022 Elegant Ladies will be sold on a custom order basis.

Pictured here is our first 2022 coach, Elegant Lady #878, which was completed in mid-March and is scheduled for an April delivery. It’s a Sorrento SS Triple Slide Edition – “SS” for the specially modified Super Slide chassis that serves as the platform for the new Super Suite plans we introduced last year.

Among its many new features, the #878 boasts Liberty’s exclusive hitch view camera as well as Prevost’s new Driver Assist™ Electronics Suite, a highly advanced driver safety system that includes lane departure and frontal collision mitigation technology. Combined with our existing Blind Spot Detection System, these measures will make Liberty’s 2022 coaches the safest in motorcoach history.

Again, while the #878 is our first 2022, the end of the model year is already in sight. Only six coaches remain available for sale, five of which will be built on the same Super Suite-ready triple slide platform as the #878. So if you like what you see here, now is the time to make your move. To find out more about custom-ordering a new Elegant Lady, contact Frank Konigseder Jr. directly at 772-349-7025 or email frank@libertycoach.com.

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