Updated interior design plays a big part in Liberty Coach’s 2016 Cockpit Redesign

(North Chicago, IL and Stuart Florida) – While most of the attention generated by Liberty Coach’s 2016 Cockpit Redesign has focused on its many new high-tech innovations and engineering advancements, one of its most eye-opening aspects is something very familiar to Liberty loyalists.


That would be the signature interior décor of Kim Konigseder, the company’s longtime interior design director. With over 500 coaches to her credit, Kim is arguably the most experienced interior designer working in the luxury motorcoach space today. And over the years she has established a distinctively personal style that has everything to do with Liberty’s image as “the Rolls Royce of the industry.”

“’Class’ and ‘elegance’ are the operative words for the ‘Liberty look,’” Kim says. “Color and design-wise, we’ve always been about what I call livable neutrals – browns and tans, greys and beiges – with pops of color on removable items like bedspreads, pillows and so on.”  Top-quality materials and a variety of textures are invariably part of the mix as well. “Our goal is to create an environment that feels as good as it looks,” she adds.

With that in mind, Kim regarded the cockpit redesign project less as a challenge than an opportunity.

“Going in, the consensus was that we wanted a look that was sportier, more streamlined and more contemporary,” she says. “For me, that involved making subtle, but significant changes – the new lineal wood grain pattern, for example, and the passenger door upholstery, which we completed redesigned.”

Perhaps the most dramatic change is the custom baseball stitching that adorns the dashboard and other upholstered surfaces throughout the cockpit. “We had to make a significant investment in new equipment, including an industrial-grade double-needle sewing machine, to achieve those top-stitching accents,” Kim says. “But I believe it was well worth it. It’s a trend you see in Mercedes, Porsche and other exclusive automobiles today. I think it’s a really effective update for us.”

In the few weeks since its unveiling, the new cockpit design has been greeted by rave reviews as more and more RV enthusiasts get a first-hand look at Liberty’s 2016 coaches. A pair of new models – the No. 792 Torello Edition and the just-completed No. 795 Fairfax Edition – will be touring the country throughout the summer and making stops at select rallies along with way. For an updated schedule, check the Events page on the company’s website.

With locations in Stuart, FL and North Chicago, IL, Liberty Coach has been providing legendary leadership in the luxury motor coach industry for over 40 years.  For more information about Liberty’s custom Prevost motor coaches, please visit www.libertycoach.com or call 800-554-9877.

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