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November 17 -
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Liberty TechTalk: Performance, Power, Integrity … Prevost!

What makes driving a Liberty Coach so much different from other RVs? As anyone who’s had the pleasure will tell you, the answer begins with the incomparable roadworthiness of the Prevost bus platform. But what makes it so roadworthy? Let’s take a look.

The Prevost design starts with a lightweight, full-body stainless steel structural cage that’s designed from the ground up as the foundation for the ultimate motor coach environment. This provides a great many advantages when you’re on the road. From the standpoint of power, performance and on-the-road comfort and safety, this ground-up design means that the Prevost coach isn’t bound by the limitations of a traditional RV’s body-on-frame, truck-like design. In particular, a unique fully independent front suspension provides ride quality and handling that provides safety, security, and especially comfort in all driving and road conditions. It also permits dampening and shock absorption that lead the industry in providing a smooth and safe road experience. The frame also ensures that the center of gravity of the design is closer to the road for confidence in handling.

Every Prevost motor coach uses the proven and environmentally-friendly Volvo D13 engine. An impressive 500 horsepower and 1,850 ft.-lb. of torque ensure plenty of power at the low end, where the driver can make the most use of it, along with impressive highway performance. A standard diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic converter (SCR) are included, to ensure that the engine exceeds EPA regulations for clean air and fuel economy.

Likewise, the Prevost design features a proven Allison 6-speed automatic transmission (with optional hydraulic transmission retarder). Allison has long been a premier manufacturer of heavy-duty drivetrain applications – dating even back to the legendary P-38 Lightning fighter of World War II. The transmission is specifically geared to provide high levels of power, torque and responsiveness across a wide range of road and load conditions. The transmission also uses quiet gearing for a silent, smooth ride for drivers and passengers.

The Prevost structure isn’t the only feature of our coaches that provides comfort and safety on the road. Various unique and industry-leading technologies are also included to make the driving experience safer, and passengers’ ride more comfortable. The Prevost Driver AssistTM system of electronic safety features and Liberty’s proprietary Blindspot Detection System (both detailed in an earlier edition of TechTalk) are two examples. Another is the Prevost electronic stability program – or ESP – that selectively applies braking at individual wheels during maneuvers or slippery road conditions. This maximizes stability and comfort, while minimizing the risk of loss-of-control incidents or rollover. Tire pressures and temperatures are monitored automatically, even on inner tires, which are difficult to monitor manually. An advanced adaptive cruise control feature makes long drives more worry-free and comfortable for the driver. And an integral energy management system extracts free energy during braking and coasting, which not only reduces fuel consumption, but increases battery life as well.

Prevost has been an industry leader in the motorcoach industry since 1924, and continues to advance the technology and engineering in the industry. As such, they’re the perfect partner for Liberty as we strive to provide you with the ultimate ownership, driving and riding adventure. If you have questions on how the Prevost coach design can enhance your Liberty ownership experience, please reach out to us today.

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