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Liberty TechTalk: Mastering the Power of Crestron Control

In this installment of TechTalk, we’re discussing an often overlooked, but absolutely vital component of your coach – the Crestron automation and control system. It functions as the master control center for most of the coach’s electronic systems and components, and is essential to a great motorcoach living experience. That’s why Liberty introduced Crestron to the industry back in 2002, and why most Prevost convertors followed our lead – or tried to. Over the past two decades, of course, Liberty has made some incredible advances in the power and scope of what the Crestron system can do. Indeed, what began as a basic, home-based control system has evolved into one of the most important multi-faceted systems onboard every Liberty coach.

At its most basic, the Crestron system is a touchpad interface that allows control of various systems and appliances. But it’s grown into much more than that. Crestron is a full-time monitoring system of every facet of your coach’s operation. It allows you the choice of either a hands-off automated system, or a fully functional deep dive into every operating aspect of your home on the road. Not just automatic control of lights and blinds, but battery monitoring, internal and external camera functions (including remote monitoring from your phone), climate control, fan control, multiple operating modes (on the road vs. shore power) – it’s all right there at your fingertips. This means that wherever you are, inside or outside of your coach, you’ll have full control and monitoring capabilities. Fixed panels are fitted in select locations, and wireless iPads allow you to move freely around the interior. Outside of your coach, a remote app allows similar access from your phone.

The Crestron system also simplifies the fully hands-on approach. Instead of infinite text menus, it presents each system in a clear, graphical format for intuitive operation. Interior appliances are represented on a floorplan of the coach, making it simple to switch on lights, fans, or adjust the climate in various zones at the touch of the screen. Likewise, battery power and water control functions are shown in a clear, graphical format. For clarity, each screen begins as a general overview, but allows the coach owner to quickly drill down to control or review a function or feature with precision. And if there’s an important issue, it’ll be presented in plain text.

Behind the scenes, the Crestron system is continually working to improve your coach’s operation. The system actively manages as many as 84,000 signals that are part of the coach’s nervous system. If you turn on a light, Crestron is evaluating how it affects the system’s battery load, and responds accordingly. And all of this happens in the background, without any need for hands-on intervention.

Whenever you’re physically away from your coach, you’re never truly away. You can use your phone (via VPN tunnel for additional security) to remotely control and monitor various systems. Pets or children inside the coach can be monitored via optional internal cameras, while 360° external cameras allow remote monitoring of the situation outside. Door locks, battery drain, and other functions are all fully accessible, and fully secure.

As part of Liberty’s commitment to support throughout the lifetime of your coach, the Crestron system is continuously being updated with new and improved features. Most recently, Liberty introduced smart graphics, which enhance and improve the overall visual experience of the menus and screens. Not only are they easier to read, but they’re more intuitive. And they also reflect your coach’s unique color scheme. Moreover, it’s also possible to update older coaches with these new features – Liberty’s goal is to support you throughout your coach’s lifetime, and that extends to your Crestron system.

For an overview of the system, please have a look at the video above and system screenshots below. You can also contact us with specific questions via email, or by phone at (800) 554-9877.

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