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Liberty TechTalk: The Peerless Prevost Platform

In previous TechTalk posts, we’ve generally covered systems, features and modifications – that are integrated into Liberty’s coach conversion process. Today, however, we’re going to focus on the coach itself: the peerless Prevost H3-45 touring bus platform.

With nearly a century of motorcoach manufacturing experience, Prevost has emerged as the world leader in the manufacturing of the most integrally sound, strongest, and safest structure available for custom motorhome conversions. Liberty Coach was the first convertor to partner with Canadian-based Prevost Car, and the company has provided the shells for every coach we’ve built since 1979. Together, the two companies produce the finest luxury motorhomes in the world.

A world apart from traditional motorhomes

Traditional RVs are built with an old-fashioned, body-on-frame approach, not significantly different from a van trailer. This means that the load-bearing and structural strength are all concentrated at the bottom of the coach. Not only does this significantly restrict storage space, floor height, and interior layout, but it also limits the structural strength of the body of the RV itself – where the occupants reside as you’re heading down the road.

In contrast, the Prevost design starts with a lightweight, full-body structural cage that’s designed from the ground up as the ultimate motor coach environment. This unique structure provides you with several important benefits:

Safety and peace of mind. Compared to a traditional frame structure, the Prevost structural cage provides increased rigidity, not only during potential impacts, but even in cases of high winds while driving that can deflect body panels, or make driving difficult. The Prevost design’s lower floor also provides better roadability and peace of mind while driving. And in a worst-case rollover situation, the full box structure provides the occupants with maximum protection.

Integrity and durability. Rather than being constructed as a box atop a frame, the unitized Prevost motor coach structure is much easier to maintain over the course of its service life. Moreover, the exterior body panels feature special coatings designed to minimize corrosion and maintain a virtually flawless appearance for years.

Power and performance. Every Prevost motor coach uses proven Volvo drive train components for long-term reliability. Plenty of torque is available at the low end, where you need it most, and the Volvo engine itself is notably efficient for heavy-duty applications. The drivetrain uses transmission components built by Allison, long the premier manufacturer of heavy-duty drivetrain applications – dating even back to the legendary P-51 Mustang fighter of World War II.

Storage capacity. Using a completely unique space-frame structure means that the Prevost motor coach is optimized for interior storage, Unlike a traditional RV, which uses much of its underfloor area for its structure, the Prevost body provides significantly enhanced storage space, that can also be customized to a specific user’s requirements.

Service availability. Whether you need 24/7 roadside assistance, or want to schedule regular maintenance, or even want to just speak to a service manager about the most efficient way to maintain your motor coach over the long haul, Prevost’s service centers are second to none.

The Liberty relationship. Over and above owning a Prevost coach, more importantly, you’re part of the Liberty Coach ownership experience. That means a hands-on, one-on-one relationship in every step of your purchase – from specifying exterior paint and interior fittings, to on-the-road support, to regular software updates. It’s what we believe every Prevost owners deserves, and what Liberty Coach is committed to deliver.

In future Liberty TechTalk articles, we’ll explore each of these areas in detail. In the meantime, we invite you to visit Prevost’s website and learn more about the company behind the finest bus conversion platforms in the business.

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