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Liberty Coach making powerful points with new energy system

Continuing their effort to spread the word about the first ever truly Tier 4-compliant energy system in the luxury motorcoach field, Liberty Coach recently launched a major social media campaign touting the system’s benefits on Facebook and Twitter.

Dubbed “Liberty PowerPoints,” the campaign consists of an ongoing series of short, factual posts, each detailing a different benefit of the breakthrough electrical system. The campaign broke in October and will continue through the end of the year.

Many of the individual “PowerPoints” focus on the system’s two key components: a revolutionary new 58-volt Lithium Ion Battery pack from Volta Power Systems, which delivers over three times the energy of any other RV battery system; and a new 12.5kWh Onan generator that meets the U.S. EPA’s final Tier 4 emissions standards, the only generator installation in the Prevost conversion field to do so.

Other posts highlight the innovative engineering modifications made to accommodate the system which yielded benefits of their own, such as the reduction of hundreds of pounds of copper wire and an increase in overall storage space.

But all stress the extraordinary ingenuity and breakthrough status of the system, which Liberty managing partner Frank Konigseder Jr. calls “one of the biggest milestones in the evolution of motorcoach engineering.”

The new energy system debuted in February with the beginning of Liberty’s 2017 model year and Elegant Lady No. 806, the Veneto Edition. Since then, 11 more coaches have sold as quickly as they could be completed, few even making it to the “for sale” listings on the Liberty Coach website.

Konigseder sees the “PowerPoints” campaign as a way to keep the spotlight on Liberty’s Tier 4-compliant energy system until production catches up to demand – which may still be a long way off.

“Tier 4 has been a huge hurdle for Prevost convertors, and we’re proud to be the first to clear it,” Konigseder notes. “It makes a powerful statement about Liberty Coach as an industry leader and innovator, and our determination to meet other challenges in the years ahead.”

With locations in Stuart, FL and North Chicago, IL, Liberty Coach has been providing legendary leadership in the luxury motor coach industry for over 40 years. For more information about Liberty’s custom Prevost motor coaches, please visit or call 800-554-9877

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