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Liberty Technology: Miles Ahead Again and Again

It’s been the same story since 1979, when Liberty Coach launched the luxury motorcoach industry with the first Prevost bus conversion. When it comes to RV technology, Liberty always leads the way.
Consider this partial list of Liberty “firsts:”

1979 – Propane-free electric hot water
1984 – Generator auto start and automatic leveling systems
1989 – CAD/CAM technology
1993 – Programmable logic control
2002 – Crestron remote control system
2010 – Lithium ion battery system

In recent years, the pace of Liberty breakthroughs has picked up significantly. From 4K audio and custom KEF speaker systems, to our revolutionary “ergodynamic” cockpit design, to the first and only Tier 4-certified energy system, we’ve pushed the envelope further the past four years than our competition has in 40. And you can expect more of the same in the years to come. Where Liberty leads, the industry follows.

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