Moritz Octoplex - Coach Management System iPad Interface

Liberty TechTalk: Moritz Octoplex, The Key to a Smarter Coach

For this edition of Liberty TechTalk, we’d like to address a system that is a largely invisible, yet absolutely essential part of your coach. It’s called the Moritz Octoplex, and it functions as the Elegant Lady’s central nervous system – literally the brains behind the smartest coach on the road.

A standard feature of all Liberty Coaches since 2007, the Moritz Octoplex system consolidates all coach electrical management into a simple, easy-to-access interface. If there’s an electrical issue, it immediately pops up on the screen, highlighted in red for quick recognition, allowing you to troubleshoot issues immediately, and to reset circuit breakers digitally at the touch of a button. So when an issue arises, there’s no need to hunt for individual fuses or breakers scattered throughout various cabinets or bays. Instead, tripped breakers will display an alert on the Octoplex screen, which can be easily reset with a touch on the keypad. It couldn’t be easier.

Moreover, the Moritz Octoplex automatically interfaces wirelessly with the standard Crestron panels on each of our coaches, meaning that, most often, the coach owner doesn’t even have to access the dedicated Octoplex touchscreen directly. Any Crestron panel, whether it’s hardwired or a wireless iPad, has control of most of the Octoplex diagnostic and correction functions. This not only provides convenience, but also the redundancy that long-time coach owners demand.

It’s also worth pointing out that incorporating Moritz Octoplex into our coaches has allowed the elimination of an enormous amount of wiring, resulting in about 400 pounds in weight savings. While this may not make a huge dent in fuel consumption, it has a massive impact in simplifying the electrical wiring system. So, over and above the interface benefits, it provides a much leaner, focused, and more easily serviced system.

For an overview of the system, please have a look at the video below. You can also reach out to our team at (800) 554-9877, or via email, with your specific questions.

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