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Superior PDI, detailing make Liberty the clear quality leader in the pre-owned Prevost marketplace

It should come as no surprise that Liberty Coach ranks as the best value in pre-owned Prevost motorcoaches. After all, we build the best Prevost coaches on the planet, year in and year out. But that’s only half the story.

The other half is the extraordinary service we perform on each used coach to bring it up to our “Pre-Owned Plus” standards – standards we believe make it an incredible value compared to comparably priced new coaches and Class A RVs.

“I can tell you that nobody puts the time and effort into getting a coach ready for resale like Liberty Coach,” says company co-owner and managing partner Frank Konigseder Jr. “It’s in our best interest to make the experience as pleasant and problem-free as possible for first-time coach owners, while existing customers already know what to expect.”

The centerpiece of Liberty’s pre-owned prep service is the PDI, or pre-delivery inspection. While most automotive dealers have a PDI checklist they use to ensure each vehicle meets a certain quality standard before turning it over to a buyer, few if any take it to the level that Liberty does. Liberty’s current PDI schedule covers some 15 major systems and components and includes 110 specific checks and procedures. Konigseder believes it is by far the most thorough in the industry.

“We go a lot further than most dealers,” he explains. “We replace all tires if they are beyond 4 years of the DOT date stamp. All filters – water, fuel, air, oil, a/c –are changed or cleaned. Same with fluids and belts, per manufacturers recommendations. Nothing less than ‘like new’ will do.”

That goes for many items less meticulous shops might ignore. “The charge air cooler on the engine is one example,” he says. “They are notorious for going bad after a few years, causing the turbo charger to essentially blow air into the atmosphere instead of the engine, which results in a significant power loss. We test every one that comes in and change it if there’s even a hint of a problem.”

Another area where Liberty goes above and beyond is detailing – that is, the cleaning and cosmetic work inside and outside the coach. “We do an extensive amount of work to the interior,” Konigseder says, “fixing nicks in the wood moldings, cleaning the carpets, polishing and cleaning wood flooring and all the tile. On the outside, we touch up the paint wherever it’s necessary, and do a full wax and in some cases a cut and buff – whatever it takes to bring the coach up to a like-new appearance.”

The goal of course is to add value to the coach – and to the Liberty brand. “We believe that every bit of work we do more than pays for itself in enhancing the value of the coach down the road,” Konigseder points out, “as well as the value of our company in the minds of buyers and sellers alike. That’s why they keep coming back time and time again.”

Which helps explain why you almost never see a late model Liberty offered for sale anywhere but at Liberty Coach. “We try to get our hands on all of the Liberty Coaches that come available,” Konigseder says. “It’s the best way to maximize resale value and maintain a coach’s quality over its entire lifetime.

“The more we see of our coaches, the more control we have over how well they perform,” he finishes. “And that in turn allows us to control how Liberty Coach is perceived in the marketplace. If you want to be known as the best in the business, you have to back it up – every day, on every coach, with every customer.”

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